Monday, June 27, 2011

i heart faces - A touch of Whimsy

It's been a while since I entered a photo for a challenge, I haven't stopped shooting but with moving and all it's been hetic.  When I saw the theme for this week's challenge, I was stumped. What exactly does whismy mean in photography??!?! I instantly pictured a cute little girl wearing a tutu in a beautiful sunny field, but I don't have that! So...what I do love is this picture I took of my girls when we were making cookies one day.  It's so sweet an innocent, completely candid. Looking at it just makes me happy :) I know, it does not have a face clearly shown, but I still love it! I would never expect to be picked on one of these challenges anyways ;)

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer bucket list

With summer starting soon, I came up with a list of things I would like to do with the kids...

Swim at the pool (a lot a lot a lot)
Get pedicures
Go to the movies
Blow bubbles
Make water balloons
Cook dinner together
Go to a museum
Bounce at Monkey Joes
Take a trip to the zoo
Do an arts & crafts project
Bake cupcakes & cookies
Sidewalk chalk
Go on a nature walk
Ride bikes
Take pictures in a field of flowers 
Shopping (of course) 

I'm sure I will add to this list but it's a start! Can not wait! :)

Teagan is obsessed with.....

1.  Snow White

2.  The color purple

3. Chocolate Frosted Donuts...with sprinkles! 

4.  Bubble Gum

She is such a little character! Oh, I almost forgot....she likes to sleep with all her "friends" around her in her bed.  She lines the headboard and sides of her bed with stuffed animals.  It's too cute!

Monday, April 25, 2011

A birthday letter to Taylor

I'm starting a new thing, each year on my daughter's birthdays I will write them a letter.I'm a little late with this one but like they say "better late than never!"

Dear Taylor,

Happy birthday princess! WOW, you are 5 years old. I can hardly believe it! Someone had asked me a few months back how I was dealing with the fact you were going to be 5. I looked at them curiously?!? What do you mean?? It’s just another birthday. But just a few days ago, it hit me! My baby is not a baby any more, in fact you haven’t been a baby for quite some time now. Soon you will be starting kindergarten, going on field trips, sleep overs, and doing science projects. You have already amazed me recently with your ability to read, spell, and do math. I’m in awe of you! Not to mention how much you have physically grown. From not even 6 lbs at birth, you are now 45lbs and 44 inches tall. When I thought your hair would never grow as a baby, you now have long beautiful silky brown hair (no bangs as we let those grow out a year ago, it was tough be we got through it!) And how about your eyes!! Everywhere we go, you get completed on how pretty they are. They are wonderful for several reasons, they are big, a pretty blueish-green color, super long lashes, and thick eyebrows. I mean come on!! people are paying big money to get lashes like yours!! I still remember getting wheeled out of the hospital with you, we were on our way home. A nurse stopped to check you out and oh & ah’d over your lashes. I didn’t see what she was fussing over then but now I do!!

You are an amazing big sister. Teagan looks up to you so much and you have been a great teacher to her. You are my big helper. You are silly & outgoing. A music & dance lover, especially Taylor Swift! I love hearing you sing in the backseat of the car . I’m trying to win us tickets to see Taylor Swift in concert when she comes in June, hopefully we can go!! I love how you mispronounced a few words like granilla bar, instead of granola, or worm instead of warm. It’s too cute, and makes me smile when I hear you. You are very sensitive; your feelings get hurt easily. When you cry, it makes me cry. I think because you have big kid emotions now, not just upset because you can’t have a toy. I’ll be a mess when you first cry over a boy, ugh…not ready for that yet!

You are a fashionista! You love to go shopping with me and pick out clothes & shoes. A total girly girl.

On the other hand, you also love to go fishing with your daddy. I honestly think you’d do anything with him though. You are so deeply in love with him! You even want to go into the woods with him and look for deer (not kill, just look). And your daddy is head over heels in love with you too! The bond you two share is so special, it’s something unfortunately I’ll never know.

Taylor Christina, I am so blessed that God choose me to be your mommy. I love and cherish every moment we spend together. I adore you! I promise to be the best mother I can & always be there for you.

I love you princess.


Taylor - 5 years old

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Today we went over nana's house and had an egg hunt.  We had lunch outside by the pool, it was a beautiful and breezy day :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Here comes the sun

We have been spending lots of time outside lately!

Playing football

Washing cars

Drinking from the hose (check out the Gene Simmons tongue!)

Grilling burgers & dogs, and eating them outside on the patio (Miller Lite required)

Riding bikes

Let's not forget sidewalk chalk & hopscotch

Good times!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I have a ton to catch up on....

I have a few things to post but for now, here is a few of the things we've been up to! :)

We played hookie from school & went to Disney on Ice. Front row, what!!

Then we went to Wendy's for lunch (spent too much at the show)!

                                      Then we went to Go Yo! Our FAV place for frozen yogurt

Teagan got her first hair cut! We took Taylor to get a trim and of course, Teags wants to be like her sissy. Chris and I had been having a debate on whether she needed a cut, he said it would probably make her hair grow faster. I told him, thats just a myth....BUT when we were at the salon, he asked the hairdresser Melaine. She actually said yes, it does make it grow faster! I guess you have to cut the baby hair. Who knew?!? She did great, she even got her hair washed in the sink like a big girl. Melaine thought her little curls would be gone but quite the opposite happened, they were more bouncing than ever. I just love her blonde curls, it fits her personality, wild and crazy! :)

And that was all in ONE day! Phew! A busy but super fun :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A day at the beach

This week has been absolutely horrible! I was sooo looking forward to the weekend despite Chris having to work both Saturday & Sunday.  I really needed to relax and get some fresh air so I took the girls to the beach on Saturday morning.  First we stopped off at the DD to get something to eat.  What would Saturday morning be without the usual Dunkin Donuts :) I lotioned up the girls, packed up the beach toys and we were off! It was defintiely a good time, just me & my girls. 

The weather was perfect, not too hot. You know when you can walk on the sand without having your feet burn! I took the camera along and got some great shots of the girls.  It was definitely what I needed!!

Painting with my princesses

One night this week we painted after dinner...

Monday, March 14, 2011

{iheartfaces} Sunflare Challenge

I love the sun, so naturally I love sun flare photos! I really didn't get a chance to practice this so I did a quick impromtu photo shoot with my daughter tonight. Here is my best shot at it!

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Best Face of February

Please check out my entry for the best face of February on I Heart Faces.

Monday, February 28, 2011

iheartfaces Challenge

Please visit our photograghy blog to see my newest entry for this week's challenge, Anything but a face.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Family QT

This weekend was great! The weather was beautiful, sunny with a bit of a breeze = perfect day to be outside. Luckily Chris had Saturday off. We started it off right with our usual run to Dunkin Donuts. Teagan’s first words when she wakes up are “I want Dunkin Donuts!” Seriously. That girl loves her some donuts. After that a quick change into ballet tights & leotard and off to dance class. We split up, I took Taylor and Chris took Teagan, although Teags would love to join her sissy at dance, she isn’t quite old enough yet. She keeps asking, “I go to dance class like sissy??” Yes, baby when you turn 3 yrs old. “Oh, my birthday in September!” Yes, she is 2.5 and knows exactly when her birthday is and her whole name Teagan Nicole Amrhein. Such a little stinker!

Anyways.... when we get back from dance we all have sandwiches for lunch then Teagan takes a nap. Taylor and I watch some pre-teen shows on the Disney Channel in my bed while Chris cleans his truck. When the monkey wakes up we get into daddy’s truck and head over to Green Cay Wetlands Nature Preserve. We took a long walk on the boardwalk and got to see lots of animals, birds, turtles, alligators, and even a bunny! Not sure where he came from :)

All that walking made us hungry and it was just about dinnertime. We were tying to decide where to eat. Chris said burgers, so we asked the girls if they want to go to Five Guys. If they were good, then some fro yo at Go Yo afterwards. A big scream came after that YES!!! Off we go....

Taylor’s concoction consisted of vanilla yogurt, strawberry sorbet, sour worms, gummy bears, cookie dough, white chocolate chips, and heart gummies.
Teagan had vanilla yogurt, rainbow sprinkles, M&M’s, & gummy worms. hey, you only live once!

On Sunday, I grocery shopped in the morning with the girls. They love going to Publix and getting a free cookie. Well, they don’t know it’s free but I do ;) As a nice surprise Chris came home from work earlier, around 1pm. Later on in the afternoon, we hung out outside, Chris & the girls kicked the ball around, they played with bubbles, colored with sidewalk chalk, and then rode bikes over to the park. Our next-door neighbor is opening up a Hawaiian Shaved Ice stand and was out practicing the shaved iced. Free shaved ice for the whole neighborhood! They also made snowballs out of them and had a little Florida snowball fight.

Good Times......

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fun at the fair!

Yesterday we spent the day at the South Florida Fair, our first time with the girls. Actually, it was the first time Chris & I have even been together too. We arrived right when it opened at 10am, we met up with one of Taylor's classmates Brianna her mom and dad. The kids were soo excited! We all bought a wristebands which allowed us unlimited rides! The first ride Taylor & Brianna went on were the swings. It was so sweet to see them laughing and having fun together. After about and hour and a half of the rides, we all had lunch together. I was surpised to see one of the places, Porky's BBQ had a tent with nice tables for us to sit down at. It was actually quite nice ( for the fair). After lunch we did a few more rides then headed over to the magic show. While the girls watched the magic show with the hubby's, Cheri and I went over and walked around. We found a guy who makes personalized wooden signs. This is something we are looking for for when we go camping. We need a sign to post outside of the RV! We did not buy one there because I thought they were probably too expensive since it was at the fair, and maybe I could search online to see what's out there too. You know I like to do some price research first! LOL

After the show, we met up with another one of Taylor's friends, Sophia and her mom Ximena. We all headed back over to the rides, this time looking for the bigger rides! Unfortunately the girls weren't tall enough for the adult rides. Taylor was soo ready to ride the roller coaster! Taylor, Sophia, and Brianna went on the Ferris wheel next. Cheri and I stayed down with Teagan while they all went up. I was too scared to go!

Teagan loved the rides too, although she wasn't fond of things that went up too high. She liked the merry go round and the NASCAR cars, and the train. For such a tough girl she was more scared of things than Taylor and she is usually the scaredy cat! Every chance Taylor got she was putting her arms up in the air and screaming! She loved it!! One of the funny moments is when it started to get busy and we had to wait in line for a ride, they were just about to get on next and Teagan says "I gotta go poopy!" Ugh, great. Found the nearest bathroom and there was a line! Even better! I asked her if she could hold it for 2 minutes and she did. Thank goodness, that could have been horrible!

We ended the day by checking out the animals, cows, chickens, and horses. We came just in time for a horse show too. We got to watch as the horses jumped and even got to pet a cute mini pony named Charlie. On our way out we got the girls some cotton candy.

The whole day was so much fun and actually stress free. All the kids behaved well. Teagan totally missed her nap but you would have never known it. On the way home the girls finished some cotton candy then Taylor fell right to sleep, Teagan on the other hand was wide awake. She was yelling "Sissy, wake up!!" She was just being soo silly and Chris and I were in the front craking up.

I could not have asked for a better day!! Definitely wil be going back next year.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Girls are made of sugar & spice and everything nice!

I am super busy today but just wanted to do a quick post before I totally forget!

I am loving how much love & affection I get from my girls lately! Especially Teagan, she is always right by my side, that little pumpkin head :) It's the little things that the random"I love you Mommy" for no reason at all. Last night we all were reading a book, I looked over at Teagan and she looked at me, we both smiled. It was the sweetest moment just between the two of us, she bent over and kissed my forehead so gently with her juicy pink lips all puckered up! It's when I'm wearing sweat pants, no make up, when I get "You're so beautiful mommy" from Taylor. She constantly compliments me, I like your hair, I like your shirt, I like this, I like that....I'm almost like, enough already! LOL I know she really means it & it melts my heart. They way she looks at me with those big eyes with such admiration, I could almost cry. They are the sweetest two little girls (except when they are fighting). The best part of my day is when I pick them up and how they come running to me with hugs and kisses. I know already time goes by at warp speed. Thats one reason why I wanted to write this, so I can re-live those sweet loving moments.

Love you Princess & Pumpkin!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Year in Review - Part 2

July – July of course started out with a bang with fireworks on the 4th. Chris bought some and we did them in the driveway with the kids. Teagan was a little nervous about the loud noise. We spent the rest of the summer days either at the splash park, beach, or pool.

August – My first cruise!! My mom, Shana & I went on a 4-day cruise to Key West & Cozumel. It was a last minute decision and I was lucky enough that Chris didn’t even flinch when I asked him about it. He thought it was a great idea! We really had a great time. We enjoyed shopping in Key West, snorkeling in Mexico, and just relaxing by the pool at sea. Of course, I missed my little munchkins and Chris but it was a nice relaxing getaway.

Sept. – At the beginning of the month, we went to the Nick Hotel in Orlando. The hotel was totally decked out with Nickelodeon characters. We stayed in the Dora & Diego suite, which had bunk beds. Taylor & Teagan loved it! We mostly hung out by the awesome pools. It was like our own little waterpark. We also got to watch the mass sliming by the pool! Before we left, we went to a Spongebob live show. I was a short little getaway but LOTS of fun. We definitely will be going back there soon. On Teagan’s actual birthday we went out for dinner, all of us and nana. We went back to the house for cupcakes but while Chris was rough housing with the girls, Teagan fell and sprained her foot. We had to take her to the ER to check and see if she had broken anything. Luckily, she didn’t but she was in a lot of pain and could not walk for a few days. Then next weekend we had Teagan’s birthday party at Barrel O Monkey’s in Delray. It was an indoor play place, with a bubble machine, slides, a trampoline, and even a zipline! The theme was Yo Gabba Gabba, a show that Teagan loves! Despite her bum foot, she did have a great time at her birthday party.

October – This was another busy month for us. We went to the local farmers market for hayrides and went pumpkin picking. The farmers market had lots of other fun things to do like face painting, music, and food. The place was always soo packed on the weekends but we managed to go twice this month. Then the girls carved their pumpkins with daddy. On Halloween day, we went down to Miami to watch the Yo Gabba Gabba live show. It was the best kids show we’ve been to so far!! We went with our good friends Christi & Caitlin.

November – We visited Aunt Shana & Uncle Oliver for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, the girls & I ended up getting sick with a 24 hour bug. We did manage to go to the movies and see Tangled, Disney’s new princess movie. It was Teagan’s first time in the movie theater and she did really well. The movie was awesome!!!! We all enjoyed it :)

December – Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle rock! I heard this song over and over again this month! This was the best Christmas yet, since the girls are older and can understand more of it. Every night during December, we watched a Christmas movie on the ABC Family channel. It was sooo much fun & great family time :) Every night during bath I’d turn on Pandora radio and we would sing Christmas songs while getting clean. December was such a magical month. On Christmas Eve, we left out cookies and milk for Santa and scattered “reindeer food” out on the lawn. That was a concoction of glitter & oats. We also threw out a few carrots for the reindeer too ;) The kids enjoyed opening their presents on Christmas morning, at 6:45 to be exact! We were lucky to have grandma & grandpa come over and spend a few days along with Nana and Uncle Adam. We ended the year by doing some fireworks out in the driveway, watching our Noles kick some butt in the Chik-Fil-A bowl, and then watching the ball drop on tv.

Overall, 2010 was a pretty good year! I am looking forward to 2011 and what it brings!