Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Girls are made of sugar & spice and everything nice!

I am super busy today but just wanted to do a quick post before I totally forget!

I am loving how much love & affection I get from my girls lately! Especially Teagan, she is always right by my side, that little pumpkin head :) It's the little things that the random"I love you Mommy" for no reason at all. Last night we all were reading a book, I looked over at Teagan and she looked at me, we both smiled. It was the sweetest moment just between the two of us, she bent over and kissed my forehead so gently with her juicy pink lips all puckered up! It's when I'm wearing sweat pants, no make up, when I get "You're so beautiful mommy" from Taylor. She constantly compliments me, I like your hair, I like your shirt, I like this, I like that....I'm almost like, enough already! LOL I know she really means it & it melts my heart. They way she looks at me with those big eyes with such admiration, I could almost cry. They are the sweetest two little girls (except when they are fighting). The best part of my day is when I pick them up and how they come running to me with hugs and kisses. I know already time goes by at warp speed. Thats one reason why I wanted to write this, so I can re-live those sweet loving moments.

Love you Princess & Pumpkin!

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