Tuesday, November 9, 2010

First Parent/Teacher Conference

Today I had my first Parent/Teacher conference ever! First I met with Taylor's teacher Ms.Joanna. She couldn't have said enough nice things. I was so happy and proud when she was telling about Taylor. A few of the things she said about her: she is a great listener, helps others when they are struggling, loves to read books & circle time. She is very motherly, dramatic and her big eyes tell a story. Her feelings get easliy hurt by others, which breaks the teacher's heart. She always is the first to ask questions and answer them too! She always wants to be first which is great that she has such confidence but she needs to know she can't always go first and let others go ahead. Overall, she is ahead of where she should be. Ms. Joanna said she is very happy to have Taylor in her class, she is a joy and so bright! :)

Next, I met with Ms.Debbie Teagan's teacher. This was her first conference but she was very helpful. Just like her big sis, she is doing great. She listens and follows directions well. She loves to play in home living with her friend Xia and play with dolls. She has a great imagination and a big vocubulary! She isn't the best eater, but I already knew that. Ms.Debbie found it weird that she doesn't like fruit much like the rest of the kids. She noted that she talks about "her sissy" a lot, when I heard that it melted by heart. She looks up to Taylor so much and tries to copy everything she does.

That started out my day great! I'm so proud and happy my girls are doing so well!

Sweet Compliment

On Friday we all went out for dinner to Chili's, it's our usual pizza night but I thought we switch it up a little. As we were eating our dinner a lady approached our table. She said that she had been watching us interact while waiting for her husband. She proceeded to say she could tell we have a loving family and the kids were well behaved (that day! lol). She said that she could tell we were great parents and she just had to come over and say something. It was soo sweet! It's nice to get a compliment like that once and a while! :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Closing out October with a bang!

This past weekend we packed in a bunch of fun things! First, on Friday the girls has their Halloween party at school. It was so cute to see all the kids dressed up! Taylor was Alice in Wonderland and Teagan was the Cheshire Cat. Both costumes fit their personalities so well, Taylor the sweet and innocent girl and Teagan the mischievous little thing! The kids paraded around the playground (which was a little chaotic) then we left early. Christi & Caitlin came over to play then we ordered pizza for dinner.

On Saturday it was Parent Observation day for Taylor's dance class. I always love getting to watch my little girl dance. I just love being in the dance studio, the sounds of tap shoes on the wood floor brings back soo many memories! We watched them do their circle warm up then partner work across the floor then they changed shoes for tap. Taylor really loves dance and we continue to stay with it until she loses interest or wants to do something else. Pretty soon they will be getting ready to plan the recital!

We finished the day with a late lunch by the water at Two Georges. The kids love sitting outside and watching the boats go by. One day Chris would love to have a boat, but for now we can just dream!

Sunday was a non-stop day for us! We woke up and got ready for the Yo Gabba Gabba show in Miami. Of course, we went with our good friends Christi & Caitlin. :) The show was right at lunch time, so we packed a few things for the kids to eat before the show. We had a picnic in the back of my car but the excitement was too much. They didn't eat much so we went on our way to see the show!!

How cute are these girls in their Foofa shirts!

We had a fabulous time at the show!! It was the best kids show I've been to so far, it was so interactive and of course they have such catchy tunes that the parents love too!

By the time we got home from Miami, it was about 4pm. We had a little something to eat, relaxed for a little then the girls got their costumes on and we got ready for trick or treating. I took the girls around the neighborhood with Nana while Chris sat in the drive way give out candy. About half way through, Teagan was losing steam and falling behind so we decided to go back home and see daddy while Taylor and Nana filled up her bucket with candy! The girls had such a great time! The best part was Teagan singing, "Trick or Treat, smell my feet!" LOL

Now on to November!! We are spending this Thanksgiving in Maryland with the Fajardos!