Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Year in Review - Part 1

I started the year off with a resolution to blog about our family, kinda as “book” for the kids to look back at when they get older. I started off with good intentions but quickly let the daily routine get in the way. I’ve since picked it back up but I thought I’d recap the year for what I missed :) Here goes!

February – We took a trip to Aunt Shana & Uncle Oliver in Maryland. Just days before we were to leave, they received massive amounts of snow & the “Blizzard of 2010”. Luckily we made it out there ok and escaped without delays. We played in the snow & went sledding down hills at a local elementary school. It was sooo much fun! Taylor absolutely LOVED it! Teagan was still a bit young and it was hard for her to get around all bundled up. They sure did look cute as snow bunnies!

March – By March, Teagan had several ear infections in her short little life (double ones). It seemed she was on antibiotics every other month. Eventually we decided to take her to an ENT. He pretty much said right away she would probably need them but we tried one more antibiotic, and of course, that did not work. She still was having fluid in her ears. At the end of the month, she was finally getting some relief by getting tubes put in her ears. We had to be there very early in the morning and the actual procedure took about 5 minutes. Those were the longest 5 minutes EVER! I know it’s a common thing but still, when it’s your child its nerve racking!! Luckily she came out of there A-OK. It went perfect and she hasn’t had a problem with them since. {Fingers crossed}

April – I LOVE the month of April. They weather is beautiful and more importantly its Taylor’s birthday month! For her 4th birthday we decided to have a carnival themed party. It’s the most perfect time of the year for it! We went all out, popcorn machine, cotton candy, a Carousel bounce house, carnival games, & a clown for face painting & balloons. We also had a silly photo booth where the kids could put on a clown nose, wig, or big glasses. It was a blast!! We had about 15 kids, more than I had expected would come. I had lots of fun planning the party, from the invitations to the cake, to the favors, I enjoyed ever minute of it. I hope you enjoyed your 4th birthday party Tay tay :)

June – Our little ballerina had her first recital in June. She did a tap routine to the The Good Ship Lollipop. Her costume was a sailor outfit and was just perfect. Shana & Oliver made it down to see Taylor on the big stage. The recital was held a Royal Palm Beach High School on a Sunday night. Unfortunately, Taylor’s class was in the 6pm show and there was a huge thunderstorm that night. The power ended up going out in the middle of the show and the fire alarms were going off too. I was worried for her since she was backstage with the other kids & a couple of parents. I wanted to get to her but they wouldn’t let anyone backstage to create more confusion. It delayed the show about 30 minutes and we didn’t end up getting home till 11pm! It was late even for my night owl. She was amazing the in show! She wasn’t shy or nervous one bit. She is my little performer!! I couldn’t have been more proud.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!!

I wanted to do a quick post because it feels like things are getting so busy. December has been crazy! Between the usual dance class, xmas shopping, parties, playdates, photoshoots.... there has been a lot going on!!

Teagan is just getting over bronchitis :( Poor girl has been through so much! She was sent home from school one day with a fever and then her cough started getting worse and the fever was high. We usually don’t run to the Dr. right away but we both felt something was not right with her. Her voice was very scratchy and hoarse. So Chris took her to Dr. Mussary and they prescribed antibiotics. The only down fall of the antibiotics is it usually upset their tummies, and it did. We bought something called Florastor at Walgreens last night which is a probitotic that should help her tolerate the meds better. Five more days of this!!

Teagan also is potty trained now! Over Thanksgiving vacation, where I was able to be home with her for more than 2 days we worked on it. Then one weekend I just said we are starting panties! She has been doing great! Her first day at school she had NO accidents. Her teachers were really surprised how well she did. We still put on a pull up for overnight but most nights she wakes up dry :)

I have to just add that Teagan has been cracking me up lately. It’s so funny to hear what comes out of her mouth sometimes. One of my favs is when I tell her “Come on Teags, its time to go” and she replies with “Two minutes mommy!” pointing her little chunky finger at me. She also is addicted to the iPhone, its really insane! She wakes up and one of the first things she says is “can I play with your phone mommy??”

The girls are just growing up so fast! I dropped Taylor at her friend Bella’s house two weeks ago. It was the first time I’ve ever dropped her at a friend’s house to play. She was SOO excited. Bella is a really sweet, quite and shy girl. I’ve met her parents before and they seem very nice. When I dropped her off, Bella’s mom had pretty beads all ready for them to make necklaces. They also went to a neighbor’s birthday party where they had a bounce house and cotton candy machine. Needless to say, she had a great time! I guess this will be the beginning of more of that and then sleepovers! Yikes, she will be a teenager before too long!

Both girls are getting super excited for Christmas. We have been having fun this month singing Christmas carols and watching movies. The ABC Family channel has been running the “25 Days of Christmas” which they show holiday movies ever night. Everyday Taylor asks me what movie will be on tonight. She loves How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Home Alone 2. I loved seeing her giggle during Home Alone, and her repeating “Merry Christmas you filthy animal”. LOL It has been great family time :)

I went to my first cookie swap this past weekend hosted by Rocio. Of course I don’t cook OR bake, so I was in a dilemma on what to make. I found this website called Our Best Bites and found saw a recipe for Toffee Chocolate Chip cookies. I know, kinda plain and boring but hey, thats’ me! I like plain and boring and I love toffee ;) I think it was the first cookie I every made from scratch and honestly they were delish. Chris even complemented my skills. Hey, I may not be Betty Crocker but I’m great at following directions.

I still have lots to do this week, especially wrapping ALL those presents. I cannot wait till Christmas morning and see the excitement on the girls faces.

More to come on that note....