Monday, January 11, 2010

Food, football, & fun!

What a great weekend! On Friday, Chris and I went on a date to the Muvico in Boca, here they have nice leather love seats. We ended up seeing Leap Year, a love story about a girl who goes to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend. It was a cute movie, Chris was the one who actually picked it out!! Now I want to go to Ireland, maybe one day we can go. It looks so pretty there. After the movie, we tried to have dinner at PF Changs but there was a 45 minute wait even at 8:30pm! So, Chris suggested our old stand by, Chillis, for my favorite strawberry margaritas :) I wanted to go somewhere we wouldn't go with the girls so he suggested a hibachi place we've gone to before and I'm so glad we did! It was delish!! Usually dinnertime is so stressful and it's nice to enjoy a quiet meal once and a while. We came home and broke open the bottle of rose champagne I originally bought for New Years Eve. After drinking 2 glasses pretty fast, I suddenly felt the room spin and just passes out on the couch. I'm such a cheap date!! Well, I did have 2 glasses of wine at the restaurant ;)

The next morning we got out early and headed to the gym. Our first time bringing both girls to the gym, it was a free day and we didn't have to pay extra. They loved it!!! I was just worried about Teagan but she had a great time. Taylor asked if she could spend the whole day there. It was nice to work out with Chris again, he always pushes me hard. The only problem is he doesn't do any cardio so I skipped that part.

Next on the agenda was Taylor’s dance class. We found out that she is doing a tap routine for her recital and her costume is a sailor outfit. It’s really cute, I should have taken a picture of it but we will see it soon enough. I can not wait to see her up on stage! She is such a little ham and loves to sing and dance. Her teacher told me she is so good in the class which of course made me so proud.

After dance, everyone took naps! Teagan slept for a whole 3 hours! Chris had to wake her up at 3:30. She never does that, usually like an hour or so. She did that again on Sunday too.
Woo hoo :) Maybe this is a start of a trend!

To end the great day, we ordered some wings from Duffy’s and watched some football together! As an added bonus, we were given an extra order of wings by accident. Ooops! I felt bad because that meant someone else was missing those wings.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My first post!!!

So, here it is! My very first blog post! Are you excited?!? I am... here I plan to document what’s going on with me, Chris, Taylor and Teagan. I had been reading a few the past few weeks, some of which have been very sad actually, and just said to myself “I need to do that!” I used to have a baby website where I would post pictures and write down milestones with Taylor but that didn’t allow me to write just about ME! Please bear with me as I tweak the details and learn how to make it all fancy schmancy! LOL

The past few days have been pretty cold for Florida, although Chris thinks it’s totally fine for him to wear a short sleeve in 50-degree weather. New Yorkers!! Whatever! I tried to bundle the girls up as much as I can. Taylor doesn’t have many warm clothes but we did find some jeans at TCP for $4.99 this weekend, score! She loves the cold weather and can not wait to see snow! We go up to Maryland/DC to see my sister and her husband in about 5 weeks, so lets hope for some snow then :)

Teagan doesn’t like being all covered up though. In fact, this morning her teacher told me she kept trying to take off her fleece pullover and then lifting up her shirt, practically taking it off yesterday. Her poor little cheeks were all red yesterday too from the cold weather.

Ok, well that's all for now...stay tuned for the adventures of the Amrhein family :)