Monday, January 24, 2011

Fun at the fair!

Yesterday we spent the day at the South Florida Fair, our first time with the girls. Actually, it was the first time Chris & I have even been together too. We arrived right when it opened at 10am, we met up with one of Taylor's classmates Brianna her mom and dad. The kids were soo excited! We all bought a wristebands which allowed us unlimited rides! The first ride Taylor & Brianna went on were the swings. It was so sweet to see them laughing and having fun together. After about and hour and a half of the rides, we all had lunch together. I was surpised to see one of the places, Porky's BBQ had a tent with nice tables for us to sit down at. It was actually quite nice ( for the fair). After lunch we did a few more rides then headed over to the magic show. While the girls watched the magic show with the hubby's, Cheri and I went over and walked around. We found a guy who makes personalized wooden signs. This is something we are looking for for when we go camping. We need a sign to post outside of the RV! We did not buy one there because I thought they were probably too expensive since it was at the fair, and maybe I could search online to see what's out there too. You know I like to do some price research first! LOL

After the show, we met up with another one of Taylor's friends, Sophia and her mom Ximena. We all headed back over to the rides, this time looking for the bigger rides! Unfortunately the girls weren't tall enough for the adult rides. Taylor was soo ready to ride the roller coaster! Taylor, Sophia, and Brianna went on the Ferris wheel next. Cheri and I stayed down with Teagan while they all went up. I was too scared to go!

Teagan loved the rides too, although she wasn't fond of things that went up too high. She liked the merry go round and the NASCAR cars, and the train. For such a tough girl she was more scared of things than Taylor and she is usually the scaredy cat! Every chance Taylor got she was putting her arms up in the air and screaming! She loved it!! One of the funny moments is when it started to get busy and we had to wait in line for a ride, they were just about to get on next and Teagan says "I gotta go poopy!" Ugh, great. Found the nearest bathroom and there was a line! Even better! I asked her if she could hold it for 2 minutes and she did. Thank goodness, that could have been horrible!

We ended the day by checking out the animals, cows, chickens, and horses. We came just in time for a horse show too. We got to watch as the horses jumped and even got to pet a cute mini pony named Charlie. On our way out we got the girls some cotton candy.

The whole day was so much fun and actually stress free. All the kids behaved well. Teagan totally missed her nap but you would have never known it. On the way home the girls finished some cotton candy then Taylor fell right to sleep, Teagan on the other hand was wide awake. She was yelling "Sissy, wake up!!" She was just being soo silly and Chris and I were in the front craking up.

I could not have asked for a better day!! Definitely wil be going back next year.


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